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Why Download?

Ransomware is back in fashion, and hackers might be ready to take your network hostage. Ransomware infects your system and locks you out. Unless you pay the ransom, your organisation might be crippled. 

SonicWall is one of the leading cyber security companies and by downloading their latest guide, you will gain valuable insights into how to fortify your network from hackers.


Who is it for?

  • IT Managers 
  • CIO's
  • CEO's

This solution is relevant for all industries and company sizes. 


ITEC is the one of the leading Managed Service Providers in the UK. With 10 offices spread between Cornwall, London and Manchester, ITEC is ideally positioned to provide your business with the right IT solutions.

ITEC is a SonicWall partner. Together, we protect your network from vicious hacks and make sure your IT never falters.