On Demand: Build a Hybrid Workplace with Connectivity and WiFi

If your organisation is looking to set up remote working and make home working strategies long term, then this round table webinar is for you. We are joined by none other than Simon Wilson, CTO UK & Ireland at Aruba, Bob Irwin, Sales Director at Triangle Networks and Paul Hiscox, Enterprise WiFi Consultant at ITEC.  

In this value-packed webinar, we explore how to:

  • Enable geographic resilience with your Connectivity, helping your team members connect from anywhere 
  • Identify and remove bandwidth bottlenecks that are slowing down your WiFi speeds
  • Leverage your WiFi and Connectivity to level up your health & safety protocols
  • Prioritise certain forms of traffic with web WiFi apps to make sure your team member's video call isn't competing with a game of Overwatch
  • Improve the user experience and their network security

The webinar is now available on-demand. Fill out the form to get your access link. 




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