Unlock your full potential with ITEC's Managed IT Support Service, designed for Bristol businesses


Outsourced IT

From the moment you start your IT Support partnership with ITEC, your IT turns into a revenue-generating, value-added asset. A dedicated team of local, Bristol ITEC Engineers designs and deploys a bespoke IT Support solution tailored to your long-term business goals. And, when the ITEC Help Desk is open for 12 hours every day, your support is ready whenever you need it. 

IT Security

Bristol businesses require strong IT Support. Strong IT Support requires strong IT Security. ITEC can supply you with the strongest, intuitive firewalls, email security software and gated protection to make sure every access point is shielded from attack. If you require, the ITEC Engineers can hold a penetration test to identify and strengthen your weakest areas.

Business Continuity

What if... a flood wrecks your office. What if... a fire fries your computers. What if... snow shuts out your staff. These scenarios might seem unlikely, but the working world rolls on even when natural disasters strike. Your data and information are securely stored in the ISO-approved ITEC Data Centres and with virtual desktop apps, you can run your mission-critical processes from anywhere in the world. We enable you to keep working, whatever obstacles get in your way. 


ITEC is one of the UK’s leading Technology Managed Service Providers. We are on a mission to drive companies to success through powerful technology strategies and partnerships. We work with thousands of businesses, schools and organisations across the UK to push the boundaries of what’s possible—consulting, building and supporting a technology ecosystem that galvanises business growth, employee happiness, and customer satisfaction.