On Demand Webinar: Introduction to Zero Trust Security

If your business needs to tackle additional security risks, that have emerged due to an increased remote workforce, with traditional methods of protecting your organisation's data no longer efficient enough, then this webinar is for you.

Join ITEC's CTO, Warren Walker, and Senior Cloud Consultant Charlie Gough and find out how to empower a mobile workforce whilst keeping sensitive data and resources safe.


In this value-packed webinar, we explore how to:

  • Overview of the security risks and boundaries that have surfaced from the change of the typical office-based work to working from anywhere including BYOD
  • The definition and architecture of the "Zero Trust" approach and what role it can play for your organisation
  • How to secure your infrastructure and reduce your worries & risks with new policy enforcements 
  • How to address the security challenges that come with cloud migration 
  • How modern platforms, services and simplified processes can help secure and support your business

The webinar is now available on-demand. Fill out the form to get your access link. 




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